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The DMTAC Member's Area: Optimizing Your Profile and Experience

Hello dearest members, here are a few tips from the Communications and Membership committees to support you in optimizing your experience of the Members Area, and widening your circle of professional connections!

Step One: Become a member if you aren't already OR renew your membership!

New membership applications will reopen this Fall! Check out the following link to see how you can benefit from membership before creating a website login: Membership | dmtac.

If you're already a member, you will receive your annual renewal email shortly, and can proceed to step two!

Step Two: Log-in to the Member's Area to complete OR update your profile

The Member's Area has some cool capabilities that you may not have fully explored, including the option to follow the professional work of fellow practitioners, and upload posts, videos and links to promote your own work. It may seem intimidating at first but, here are a few tips!

  • Log-in via the top right hand corner of the website to enter your information. Next, select "My Account" in the menu options to share information such as your practice location and specializations with the community.

  • We also encourage you to add a professional profile image, title and any lettering you'd like visible directly after your full name as this will appear in the members search.

  • Under "Profile" you may choose to share a little something extra in the "About" section.

Customize your profile page as much as you'd like and share its unique link in your email signature or with colleagues and potential clients!

Step Three: Connect with DMTAC and other DMT professionals sharing their work!

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Members Area is that by following the DMTAC/ADTMC team in the Members Area you will receive email notifications when news is posted.

  • Navigate to the Members page and click "Follow" on DMTAC's profile to ensure you aren't missing a beat!

You can also grow your professional network by following other members and checking out their professional websites and specializations for referrals. Internship or job opportunities in your community? Message DMTAC in the Member's Area and we'll post about it or message a colleague directly!

Step Four: Send your profile for the "Find a Therapist" page

In order to feature you on a Canada-wide directory that is open to the public we request that when you either sign up to become a member or renew your membership that you also fill out the following form and upload an accompanying image:

If you have any questions about the Members Area please do not hesitate to reach out to Mila Volpe directly via her profile or email her at If you have a membership inquiry or are curious about lending some of your passion to one of our Committees please reach out to!

We hope to see your DMTAC team page follow and the many connections to come!

With care,

The DMTAC Communications and Membership Committee


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