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Allied Professionals in Canada

Becoming an associate member of DMTAC signals that you work in an allied or adjacent profession and value the role of dance and movement in your professional work. Whether you use dance therapeutically, are in another Expressive Arts Therapy, or are a dance artist and educator, become an associate member today to be represented online, take advantage of professional collaboration, and help further the growth of our network.

Justine Allen

Lorraine Aston

Sandra Bach

Tiffany Bailey

Emma Bryans

Carla Budd

Eden Champagne

Amrit Crowther

Laura Demay

Claire Deschambault

Amarjot Dhindsa

Paula Duffy

Angélique Dumet-Kerherno

Carla Susana Flores Vildoso

Susanne Gilby

Joscelyn Guindod 

Antara Gupta

Cassandra Janovsky

Carol Jones

Stephanie Kale

Rameez Karim

Shaila Khan

Lisa Kusch 

Samantha Lankester

Claire Lyke

Katherine Mandolidis

Marlene Matson

Adrianna Mendrek

Tamara Nazon

Marie-Claire O'Donoghue

Kerri Phillips

Gelymar Sanchez

Pooja Shah

Elizabeth Swartz

Maryse Veilleux

Celine Verchère

Katherine Vincent

Hilary Walsh

Alexandra Winters

Alicia Smith

Mila Abegao

Angelina Krahn

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