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The Dance Movement Therapy Association in Canada (DMTAC) is an independent non-profit organization mandated to promote dance movement therapy (DMT) across Canada. DMTAC aims to establish and work on developing a cohesive community of DMT professionals, students and supporters from all provinces. A large focus is on establishing a professional DMT training in Canada.

  • Promote interests related to dance movement therapy

  • Organize, maintain and develop social, educational and professional activities

  • Offer resources and promotion for those interested in dance movement therapy

Our Team

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the entire direction of the Association. Each Board member commits to a 2-year mandate when elected into their position, and becomes the head of at least one committee. Elections are held every 2 years at DMTAC’s annual general meeting.

Regional representatives are the point persons for dance movement therapy in their region. They help support and promote dance movement therapy (DMT) locally, and facilitate DMT connections and collaboration across Canada.

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