Dance Movement Therapy Association in Canada


Join the Movement

Along with the extensive benefits listed below, becoming a member of DMTAC helps to assure that the high standards of this profession are being upheld nationwide. Become a member today to help continue the growth of DMT in Canada and to take advantage of professional networking, collaboration, representation, and more.

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Member Benefits & Categories

Benefits Include:

  • Early notice of workshops, classes and events

  • Discounts on workshops and continuing education courses offered by DMTAC

  • Professional members listed on our Find a Therapist page!

  • Opportunities to network with other dance movement therapists and students

  • Becoming part of our advocacy and awareness campaign to inform the public of the benefits of DMT and why more institutions should offer applicable courses

  • Opportunities to get involved with DMTAC committees and projects

Student member | $25

Open to all current DMT students training through the alternate route or at the MA level (who would enter the Professional Membership category upon graduating). This category is also open to students enrolled in Psychology/Psychotherapy/Social work/Dance training programs (who would enter the Associate Membership category upon graduating). Student members will be listed on the “Student Members” page of the DMTAC website (under construction).

Professional member | $50

The requirement for this membership category is a completed training in DMT/P. DMTAC asks professional members to provide documents of their completed DMT/P education and internships. This can be through a MA in DMT/P or alternate route (for more information about how to become a dance movement therapist in Canada, please see the Education page). If available, professional members provide proof of their certification from ADTA or other international professional DMT organizations. Professional members will be listed on the "Find a Therapist” page of the DMTAC website.

Associate member | $50

This membership category is open to all professionals from related fields (dance, social work, psychotherapy, creative arts therapy, etc.) who are not formally trained as a DMT but implement dance/movement in their therapeutic practice or use adapted dance working with vulnerable populations in a variety of settings. Associate members will be listed on the “Associate Members” page of the DMTAC website (under construction).

Become a member in 2 easy steps!
  1. Fill out the membership application form that is right for you based on the above category descriptions:




2. Submit your membership fee via e-transfer to info@dmtac.org 






Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your membership options.