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Farewell to Janet Adler 1941-2023

Janet Adler is the founder of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, a studio practice sourced in the relationship between a mover and a witness. Her teachings in the past 50 years are offered in numerous books, films, interviews and presentations. Her work has impacted the praxis of Dance/Movement Therapy and many practitioners in our community including her student and DMTAC member Tannis Hugill of Awakening Body Wisdom.

In a moment of memorial we share the above tribute by Jens Wazel and encourage you to view the longer version made with Janet here, entitled Five Days with Janet Adler: In it she discusses the practice, entering the emptiness, and working with Mary Whitehouse. If you are inspired by her work, please feel free to comment here and share how.

Deepest gratitude Janet for sharing your inner light with us and always daring us to witness the light in others. As we carry your practice and teachings may we feel held and surrounded by your eternal glow.

May the quality of consciousness

that is emerging collectively

within our world

outweigh the quantity of unconsciousness

that suffers on our planet.

May all suffering become compassion.

May we be ready, may we be able.

Janet Adler


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