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New Course! Authentic Movement: Foundations for Clinical Practice

The Movement Arc: Dance Therapy and Somatic Education Centre based in Vancouver, Canada, invites any Alternate Route students or DMTs looking for professional development to attend a beautifully crafted new course focused on the clinical use of Authentic Movement with Tannis Hugill, BC-DMT, RDT.

Dates are from Sept 23-26, 2022 in person in Vancouver BC.

Though Authentic Movement is widely used for personal growth, artistic creation and spiritual practice, this course will examine how it can be applied to clinical practice. After learning the form’s history and it’s basic structure, students will practice the role of the mover and expand to develop their skills as witnesses, so as to recognize that this role is similar to that of the therapist, but with enhanced capacity to observe themselves, while seeing their clients with increased clarity and compassion.

Authentic Movement’s applications to individual and group settings will be explored, as well as guidelines to discern it’s appropriate use and adaptations for various populations. Issues of diversity and equity regarding applications of Authentic Movement are addressed throughout the course.

Though students may have a strong background in Authentic Movement, this course is not intended to train students to teach Authentic Movement groups, but rather to include the skills of witnessing in their roles as therapists.

For prerequisites and other details please visit The Movement Arc website.


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