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Magnificence in Montreal! The 57th Annual ADTA Conference

It may have happened back in October, but it is never too late to celebrate the tremendous accomplishments of DMTAC's ADTA Conference Planning Committee and both contributing and attending members of the 57th annual ADTA conference in Montreal.

Given the ongoing challenges of the pandemic through the planning process executing a synchronous in-person gathering with a cross-border and multi-time zoned team is no small feat! A massive thank you to planning committee members Jessica Houghton, Zuzana Sevcikova, Karen Bradley, Tania Lazuk, and Angelique Dumet Kerherno for volunteering their time and energy so generously to make it all happen!

As many present learned, this is the second ADTA conference to take place north of the border. The earlier conference was prompted to Toronto in 1989 by the first ADTA certified Dance Movement Therapist in Canada, Juliana Lau. Below is a picture from the Dance Collection Danse archives in Toronto of the booklet Lau presented alongside her presentation about the development of her interactive Dance Alive program.

We are grateful for the embodied experience of gathering with practitioners from across the country as community members from East to West shared space, heart and of course movement, basking in the communities momentum and expanding our horizons.

From Enid Lee's opening keynote that had participants moving to Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" it was apparent the conference would be a lively one! From poster presentations like that of member Eden Champagne to Deborah Montalvo's multimedia presentation as part of the International Panel, the Canadian presence was palpable this year! New board member Rebecca Barnstaple lead multiple sessions exploring the intersections of DMT/P and neuroscience while dream team Megan English and Miriam Schachter introduced attendees to the intersection of DMT/P and sensorimotor psychotherapy. Practitioner and founder of The Movement Arc Hana Kamea Kemble also screened her incredible film series The Moving Child at the conference. You can find more details on purchasing or viewing her film series here.

DMTAC was also delighted to present the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award to founding member Joanabbey Sack. Congratulations and thank you for all that you have done for our community, Joanabbey! Here she is with fellow co-founders Zuzana Sevcikova and Farah Fancy at the gala celebration. Again a big thank you to all of the planning committee members for volunteering their time so generously to put together a fantastic evening that had many dancing into the night!

We hope to continue the 57th annual conference theme of renewing connections by staying connected with those we met at the conference, as well as continuing to form new connections with colleagues across borders we have yet to meet. Here is a link to the archived conference schedule for more details on the 57th annul event.

We are appreciative to each and every one of you who continue to support the flourishing of DMT/P in Canada by becoming a member of the Canadian association, joining us in the Member's Area, following us on social media, or supporting our initiatives in whatever way feels good to you!

We look forward to seeing you at the next event!


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