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Congratulations to Newly Credentialed D/MT's!

Dear D/MT community,

It is with great joy and pride that I announce two successful applicants for ADTA credentials!

Lorraine Aston R-DMT and Megan Dillenbeck BC-DMT have been working tirelessly within the field of Dance Movement Therapy in Ottawa. Megan has been working with families experiencing bereavement and Lorraine has been working in the community with individuals with eating disorders and mood disorders. She is also teaching awesome online classes for seniors and I am happy to say that those classes have nourished my body and soul since 2020. Both Megan and Lorraine have been under my supervision throughout their ADTA credentials application.

Congratulations to both Lorraine and Megan on their hard work, perseverance, and achievement.

Mary Moncrieff


Spin three times and jump in the air, arms out wide with joy.

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