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2023 Workshops at NCDT

As we gather content for our Winter Newsletter and reflect on the renewed connections made in 2022, we also orient towards the horizon of 2023 by sharing the exciting new programming announced by The National Centre for Dance Therapy! With so many contributions from DMTAC members we encourage you to check out the links for more info on dates & registration.


January Fostering Inclusive Dance Spaces, with Farah Fancy


Developing Our Therapeutic Palette with Arts-Based Therapies, with Paula Duffy

Adapted Dance: Dancing with Diversity, With Émilie Barrette and Élysa Côté-Séguin


Dance Therapy and Eating Disorders, with Élysa Côté-Séguin and Andrea de Almeida

Trauma and the Moving Body: A Survivor-Centered, Polyvagal-Informed approach to Dance/Movement Therapy with Amber Gray


Introducing Bartenieff Fundamentals, with Brigitte Lachance

Dance Therapy and Eco-Anxiety, with Céline Verchère – webpage to come


We hope you are having a warm and wonderful holiday season so far!


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