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We are delighted to bring you DMTAC’s new website. For the past year, we’ve been working steadily to develop a site that offers clear and useful information about DMT in Canada, and honours our therapists and the wonderful breadth and diversity of DMT practice across our country. Feedback from our members, representatives, and from individuals within our community has informed our work every step of the way.

It is rare to have a web designer who is also an expert in an organization’s field of interest. Our web designer, Andreah Barker, worked as a dance therapist at Toronto’s Baycrest for many years; she also researched the history of DMT in Canada for her Master’s thesis.

We hope the site will move you as much as it has moved us! As with the flow of all things, the site will continue to develop and change as we continue to grow as an organization. We are always keen to receive feedback and contributions to the site. Let’s continue to build the DMT community together!

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